Liz Johnson was born and raised outside of Boston. Growing up, she studied classical piano under Merilyn Neher and studied contemporay music at the Real School of Music in Burlington, MA.


Liz draws much of her musical inspiration from other singer-songwriters like Norah Jones, Tracey Chapman, and Ingrid Michaelson. She has always had an appreciation for the range and depth of emotion that their voices convey, bringing that raw quality to her own vocals. When asked what Liz hopes listeners feel from her music, her response is always the same. "All I want is for the music to mean something to people when they hear it. I want them to be able to listen to the songs and connect them to their own emotions, memories, and dreams the way that I do when I listen to my favorite songs." 


Liz recently completed an EP of 5 original songs produced by Tommy Eichmann in New York City, and is currently working on new material.